Lightben Kaos 3D Black™ Mirror

LIGHTBEN Kaos 3D Black™ Mirror is a new variation of LIGHTBEN™ panel with a core in black Polycarbonate cylindrical cells in 3 different diameters, bonded with external skins in PMMA (acrylic).
The product innovation consists of an acrylic-mirror back layer with the mirror facing the core of the panel. The end result is that the reflection varies according to the viewing angle. LIGHTBEN Kaos 3D Black™ Mirror has gained considerable interest in interior design thanks to the original pleasantly irregular appearance and mirror feature. LIGHTBEN Kaos 3D Black ™ Mirror is easy to cut and can be finished with standard accessories such as profiles, frames, handles. Installation with support on 4 sides is suggested. Panel can also be edged with acrylic on its perimeter. The back of the mirror layer can be protected on demand. Dividing wall is the most recommended installation as a framed wall (frame supplied by Bencore), but also to build furniture (e.g. for shops).

  • Dicke:
  • (pelli in PMMA 3 mm): 21 mm
  • Breite:
  • 1000 mm (+1/-2mm)
  • Länge:
  • 3015mm (±2mm)
  • Gewicht:
  • (pelli in PMMA 3 mm): 6,1 - 8,4 KG/m2
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